Tuesday, April 24, 2007

LCE #38

I didn't have much to work with in the way of cuteness for this lunch, so I made it educational instead! A-chan didn't seem to mind and she enjoyed counting the stars and wheel spokes and reading the word so I still consider it a success.
Left to right: strawberries & grapes, pasta salad, cheese stars, soy hot dog strips, terra exotic chips (candy beet, purple potato & something else that I can't remember right now.).
I read somewhere when I first began feeding A-chan solid food that hotdogs were the most dangerous of all foods for toddlers because of the way they are shaped. When a toddler bites off a round of hotdog it is perfectly sized and shaped to block the airway if they mistakenly inhale. So I began to cut all hot dogs into strips to avoid any mishap. She seems to like the ability to dip them into sauces just like french fries so all is happy. It will be fun to start doing other things with them once she gets older, though!

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