Thursday, February 22, 2007

Butterfly & Hula dancers Bento

This was a great hit! And a very fun bento lunch to make for my daughter.

Grilled Cheese Butterfly sandwich with fruit by the foot decorations, carrot circle cutouts, cheese body and origami paper face. Boiled broccoli surrounds the butterfly. ( I have found that taking frozen broccoli and boiling it for maybe 4-5 minutes makes it wonderful and soft as butter - no more cranky toddler not wanting to eat the stem, she gobbles the whole thing now.)

Animal picks with flower carrots and pineapple chunk hula dresses dancing on a bed of dried coconut shreds. On the side were four miniature pickles and a black olive.

The side bowl contains vegetarian vegetable soup and a heart veggie chip. This inexpensive set of bowls for toddlers are a great way to carry things like soup and are microwaveable as well!

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