Saturday, February 17, 2007

Greek Bentos

A-chan's bento has miniature versions of the spanikopitakias and keftethes. It was very easy to make the miniatures, I was pleased with how well that went!

These were fun to make and contained two of our absolute favorite foods, but we found out that they don't work very well in bentos.

Spanikopitakia (spinach & cheese triangles), vegetarian keftethes (meat patties that I made into meatballs), eggless Menemen (a turkish vegetable omelette that I made with tofu instead of egg), ichigo daifuku (strawberry mochi not in any way fitting in with the rest of the meal, but a traditional valentines treat for my family). My husband got hot chocolate flavored pocky as a valentines day chocolate from our daughter.

The spanikopitakias got kind of soggy in the bentos. They were still delicious, but without that nice crisp crunch that we expect from them. The keftethes were awesome!!! The menemen on the other hand came out very soupy after sitting for a while. So all in all this wasn't a great bento meal.

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