Friday, February 2, 2007

Wierd Weather Bentos

These bentos were a result of being promised winter weather and not getting any after all. We were supposed to get lots of ice and power-outages and lovely wintery weather things so we stocked up on pbj which we only eat maybe twice a year. (the other time would be during DragonCon where we stuff ourselves silly) Before the weather report I had planned to make us bentos but then we had all this extra stuff that wasn't going to get used...and this was the result.

PBjs, black olives, grape tomatoes, broccoli cheddar bites (morningstar farms) with mayo dip, lychees. Not shown were tortilla chips and salsa, some pretzels for the strange man who doesn't like salsa.

I am horrified by the fact that my husband (a notorious picky-eater) like lychees and I don't! Normally I love anything new and exotic...but lychees have a texture that is a lot like pears and I don't like pears and apparently I don't like lychees. My husband ate all mine, and our daughters and his own and I am so shocked!

This was also the first time my daughter had ever had peanut butter. She was at risk of a peanut allergy (because of a soy allergy that thankfully went away) so she hasn't been allowed to have peanuts or peanut butter ever. It was definately a hit :)

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