Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sloppy Joe Bentos

Top tier: 3 halves of hot dog buns with sloppy joe sauce inside. 4 apple half moons.

Bottom tier: 1 sloppy joe, 2 halves of a small greek baked potato with two bites of broccoli.

Pretty much the same as above :)

A-chan's bento was a little bit different.

Top tier: Sloppy joe sauce in a cup since she won't touch hot dop buns of any sort, greek baked potato, broccoli and bamboo leaf cheese shapes. Also she only got one potato half so I could fit some corn into hers.

Bottom tier was an olive roll, corn, apple slices and japanese rock candy.

Snack bento: corn with cheese slices and black olive, black eyed peas with cucumber and dill.

The sloppy joe dogs are a much less messy way to eat sloppy joes! The greek baked potato was wonderful, but it was not easy to fit into the bento. Olive oil and garlic were poured onto the cooked open halves of the potato and soaked into slices that I made as soon as it came out of the oven. It was delicious!

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