Thursday, February 8, 2007

Day with the Dogs Bentos

A-chan's lunch and our much needed snack for a day at the Rabies Clinic. She had all the same stuff we did that's listed below. The yellow elephant had hot and spicy sauce for the onigiri and was wrapped in saran wrap just in case. The green dog had ketchup and mustard. The Hello Kitty tin had mini m&ms. Her onigiri have origami paper faces. I can't use nori (okay, I prolly could but I don't wanna...) and so the origami paper is a nice alternative. She knows to take the faces off before eating the onigiri :)

Our snack had Caldee's heart shaped veggie chips, pretzels, grapes and a babybel cheese bunny.

Bentos for us to look forward to on our return from working hard at the Rabies Clinic which takes place during lunchtime...but we don't have time to eat at! So we had bentos waiting at home for us to scarf down right after.

We had Morningstar farms chik nuggets, two french fries, broccoli, pea and black olive spears, tomatoes, mini onigiri. One of my mini onigiri had hot sauce dripped onto it, one had Mrs. Dash 'furikake' and the last was plain.

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