Saturday, March 31, 2007

LCE # 33

From left to right: red grapes and half of a navel orange, rice hearts with green peas and carrot, marinated & stir fried tofu cubes on skewers with carrots and peas, baby tomatoes.

The orange was first cut in half and then I just cut the pieces of peel away where I wanted them not to be. (if that made any sense at all...). The large rice heart was made by packing the rice tightly into the giant heart cookie cutter, then I used a smaller heart cookie cutter to cut the inside heart out and deposit it to the left. The hole in the large heart was then filled with green peas, very easy and quick!

The huge pink cookie cutter was a great help for my toddler when she ate the rice. She didn't have to chase the rice around on the tray with the fork :) We bought it in a huge plastic bucket of 100 cookie cutters at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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