Friday, March 23, 2007

Udon Bentos

On our last stop in at the local asian grocery I picked up some Udon noodles. They have been sitting in my cupboard for probably 3 months. I have many recipes for udon noodles, but I never have the ingredients all at the same time to make any of them (and I forget about them when I'm making the grocery list). So I finally decided to make something up and we were all pleasantly surprised by how yummy they were!

We all had the same things, but the shapes of our onigiri were different :)
Udon noodles with carrot ribbons, green onions, baby tomatoes and black sesame seeds. Plain mini onigiri. Baked tofu and green peas to be eaten with delicious Tonkatsu sauce (not shown because I forgot to put it in the pictures).

I cooked the udon according to the package, then fried them for 2 minutes in sesame oil, simmered them in vegetable stock for 5 mins, added soy sauce and a tiny bit of rice vinegar, some garlic pwd and ginger. Simmered for 5 more minutes. Yum!!

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