Thursday, March 1, 2007

Lots of broccoli!

Left tier: Morningstar Farms Broccoli Bites, green beans, lentil pate (made by a friend!), baby tomatoes, steamed broccoli, jasmine rice.

Right tier: Somen noodle stirfry with onion, yellow pepper, red pepper, green pepper and broccoli.
Top tier: A soy chip, broccoli bites, steamed broccoli, jasmine rice with baby tomatoes and green bean decorations.
Bottom tier: somen noodle stirfry with broccoli and 3 peppers.

Top tier: Soy chip and broccoli bite, green beans, broccoli and baby tomatoes, somen noodle stirfry.
Bottom tier: jasmine rice with swirl of hot and spicy sauce, lentil pate and broccoli.
The lentil pate was made by a friend of ours. It is vegetarian and very yummy! It works really well in bentos which was a pleasant discovery :)

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