Sunday, March 18, 2007

MomoCon Bentos

Bentos for a wonderful excursion into the world of MomoCon anime convention in Atlanta. Like a crazy woman I decided to try out very complicated bentos in traditional obento style where one tier is rice and picture, the other tier is a mix of small bites that are elegantly presented. I'm not so sure that I did a good job, but they tasted great! For inspiration I looked at and got tons of great ideas there, then tried to execute them in my own style. :)

My daughter's bento was Totoro and soot sprites to match her Mei costume.
Picture tier: morningstar farms chik tender tree with broccoli leaves, soy bologna totoro with sugar dot eyes and nori details, nori sprites with sugar dot eyes, thai sticky sweet rice.

Vegetable tier: broccoli, morningstar farms chik nuggets, lemon wedge, heart shaped mini-onigiri, black olives, carrot acorns, baby tomatoes, mini tater tots, apple bunny, eggless omelette, skewers of corn and green peas.

My bento was supposed to have elegant flowers...but looks really funky, lol.

Picture tier: carrot sun, corn & pea flower, baby tomato flower, pineapple flower, carrot flower, green onion stems and leaves on thai sticky rice.

Vegetable tier: Mini flower onigiri center with broccoli, morningstar farms chik nuggets, lemon wedge, carrot flowers, apple leaf, mini tater tots, red seedless grapes, eggless omelette, skewers of corn and peas.

My husband's bento had two pictures because I couldn't make up my mind between the two of them. Top: bamboo, Bottom: kitty!

Top tier: thai sticky rice with green onion bamboo, mini star onigiri, apple leaf, walnuts, eggless omelette, mini tater tot, black olive, carrot star, baby tomato, broccoli, morningstar farm chik nugget.

Bottom tier: Fried rice kitty onigiri with green onion whiskers, black olive eyes, carrot ears and nose and claws. Broccoli, walnuts, chik nuggets, lemon wedge, eggless omelette, baby tomato, mini tater tot, corn and pea skewer.

Snack bento for later in the afternoon. Babybel cheese bear made with an egg mold, pretzels, fruit chips, apple bunny, red grapes, two baby tomatoes.

The fruit chips were Flat Earth Baked Fruit Crisps, Wild Berry Patch flavor. And they are one of the most delicious things that I have eaten in a long time. We kept seeing them in the store and wondering about trying for a few weeks then last week in a moment of weakness I grabbed them. They are fabulous, wonderful, incredible! You must try them. You must!!!


ytea_leaves said...

Aww!! I loved your Totoro creations! SO cute! ^_^ How did you cut the nori? Just with sharp scissors? Same with the bologna? And your flowers ARE elegant! Great blog! =3

Natakiya said...

Thank you so much!!

Yes, I just used scissors to cut the nori. I used a pair of tweezers to place the small bits of nori for the totoro's chest and all the eyes.

The bologna I cut with a butter knife, that seemed to work better with the soy bologna as a sharp knife tends to make a very ragged cut.

Thank you!!! :D Wow, someone commented, yay!!! :)

Azure said...

These are precious!!

Totoro + vegetarian food = infinite joy

I used to make shaped pancakes, and Totoro was a favorite. The key is to layer the features on so they cook longer and therefore stand out. So, first are the triangles, nose and eyes, then the belly and head, then the rest of the body, and finally the ears and arms (and turn over). If you really want to get crazy we've also divided the batter up and dyed it with food coloring. Complicated, but a great breakfast for sleepovers :)

Anyway, great work, I'm sure she LOVED it!!

::r0o:: said...

These are amazing. You have inspired me!