Friday, January 7, 2011

Panda in Snow

This morning was a tough one, again. A-chan woke up grumpy and sleepy and out of sorts and downright irritable. But once I finally got her to drag to the table for breakfast, it all got better. I showed her today's bento and a transformation occurred. She smiled. Not just a plain old smile, but a megajigawatt smile and all was right with the world. That is why I make cute bentos, because it makes her smile. (And incidentally because they are fun to make, lol) Ahhh, I love that moment!

Today's bento was another quick and simple one. But the panda is just sooooo cute!! I'm tempted to make me one too :D

In the bento: Jasmine rice with nori panda face, sauteed tofu cubes, sesame carrots, a huge piece of steamed broccoli and several purple grapes. A flowery baran separates the carrots and tofu so that the flavors don't mix, and there is an orange heart pick to eat the tofu with.

I cooked the tofu and carrots in the same pan so the cleaning up was quick as well :) And the panda face was made with another of the nori punches that Santa gave me. I've managed to use all 3 of them this week, heeya!


Stretching My Imagination said...

Amazing how a single thoughtful thing can change an entire day. This meal would have made me smile too. Great idea using the picks as a way to eat the tofu.

Journal Mommy Yenny said...

What a creative idea :) no wonder A-chan smiled happily seeing the bento