Monday, September 12, 2011

Fishy Inari zushi

On Friday A-chan had requested a fish decoration in her bento.  That had been school pizza day so I asked if we could postpone the fish until Monday.  As we were grocery shopping last night she reminded me about the fish.  Let me tell you that I was horrified when I discovered that I had no fish shaped cutters.  Oh sure, I have a large cookie cutter that would have been perfect for a sandwich...if I'd remembered to buy bread.  After a while I finally decided to try making a fish with Inari zushi.  A-chan seemed delighted with it even if I think it's a little...fishy.  

In the bento:  Inari zushi filled with sushi rice, steamed broccoli, a container of simmered kabocha, one huge strawberry and one normal sized strawberry, some blackberries, a slice of lemon and three carrot 'bubbles'.

The fish scales and eye were cut from provolone cheese and nori.  His tail was cut out of an inari pocket with my food scissors and there is more rice hidden underneath it.  The inari pockets and kabocha were simmered in the same pot with water, soy sauce, mirin and a tiny bit of brown sugar.  


sheri fujihara chen said...

Haha- cute fishy!

Lia Chen said...

Creative work with inari sushi! I like the fish, very original idea :)

Natakiya said...

Thank you, Sheri! He was lots of fun to make.

Natakiya said...

I am very glad that he turned out so well! For a while I didn't think that he would, lol. Thanks, Lia!