Friday, September 23, 2011

Sho Totoro

Fall makes me think of Totoro, mainly because of the association with acorns.  It is definitely acorn season right now and A-chan enjoyed picking up a lot of them on our walk in the Botanical Gardens yesterday.   The river that the trail runs beside is extremely low and showed us how much we needed the rain that has been falling the past few days.  We could see all the trash on the riverbed that is normally hidden by the rushing water.  It made us both very sad.

In the bento: Pink rice with black sesame seeds, stirfry with tofu, baby corn, broccoli, zucchini and orange bell pepper, grapes, apples, baby tomatoes and a carrot acorn.

Sho Totoro and the soot sprites are made from provolone cheese and nori.  I did a really quick version of the little Totoro so he's looking a little bit strange but A-chan loved him all the same :)

One of the yo-yo balloons that A-chan won at the JapanFest game is barely visible in the background.  She won four of them and unbelievably they are all still in existence!

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