Thursday, September 22, 2011

Huge flower onigiri

Good morning!  It's still raining today, how awesome is that?  The rain has been absent from our lives for quite some time so it's a relief to get two days worth.  Except that all I want to do is curl up with a book and some coffee and forget about working :)

This huge flower onigiri is the reason behind the pink rice that A-chan requested.  She wanted a pink flower onigiri bento!  Our new rice cooker's first job was a huge batch of pink rice.  And do I mean huge!  We're probably still going to be eating pink rice next week.

In the bento:  Pink rice onigiri with provolone cheese petals and carrot center, baby corn spears, apple bunny, a small bunch of grapes, fried tofu, steamed green beans and a pick of baby tomatoes.

The humongous flower onigiri mold is in the background.  It's all sleek and shiny and I love it!  However, the metal tends to get a bit hot when it's full of freshly cooked rice.  I ended up having to get out my oven mitt to finish the onigiri.  

The size of the onigiri also means that there is no way for A-chan to eat it by hand so she uses a fork.

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