Friday, September 16, 2011

A Fruit Bento and a Thank you Bento

 These fruit bentos are starting to grow on me.  Last Friday I was worried that I had given A-chan too much fruit for Pizza day but she ate every bit of it.  So today I filled up the box worry-free!  Unfortunately I didn't have much variety of color in fruit so it's a little heavy on the red.  The little watermelon divider I stuck in just for fun.

In the bento: Strawberry slices, apple plum pieces, orange slices and provolone cheese flowers.

Sasha has been sick all week.  Not only is she our smallest kitty, she is also quite feisty.   So much so, in fact that even with her wrapped up in a towel and scruffed I wasn't able to give her the medicine.  There was medicine on me, on A-chan, the chair, the table, the towel, the floor and even the ceiling - but none inside the cat.  A friend of mine who happens to work at our vet office took pity on me and has gone above and beyond the call of duty to come over every day and give Sasha her meds.  It's amazing to watch - it takes her 5 seconds and it goes where it's supposed to!  To thank her for using her lunch hour to make up for my cat medicine ineptitude, I made her a bento yesterday.

For the box I used a brilliant idea from Sherimiya of Happy Little Bento and recycled a fruit container!  I lined the bottom with two layers of basket wrap and then topped that off with a layer of lettuce leaves before packing in the food.  That was mainly to prevent anything from dripping through the holes in the bottom.

In the bento:  A huge slice of orange, edamame on a bamboo pick, two onigiri with beni shuga on top, persian cucumber slices, carrot flowers, beef gyoza, baby corn spears, a container of edamame and a bamboo pick of black olives.


Xelia said...

lovely red fruits bento! And u r lucky to have a helpful fren n ur fren luckier to have that great looking onigiri bento!

OhayoBento said...

Oh wow, that is so sweet of you to repay her kindness with a bento. Cats are so funny, they never want to take medicine :) I hope kitty is feeling better!

Natakiya said...

Thank you, Xelia! I am so lucky to have her as a friend, you're definitely right :)

Natakiya said...

Kitty is feeling a little better, thanks Heather! I actually have one cat who likes his medicine which I find totally bizarre :)