Friday, September 9, 2011

Just the fruit, ma'am

 A-chan's school is doing a Pizza on Fridays fundraiser so she didn't need a bento for lunch today.  At first this made me a little bit sad, but then I thought it was a perfect excuse to make a fruit bento!  I am adamant about my fresh fruit fetish and try to have every meal accompanied by some type of fruit. She probably won't eat all of this bento with her pizza, but any fruit is better than none.  Today was also a great chance to try a bit of fruit subterfuge by adding in a golden kiwi which we've never tried before. Hers looked so luscious that I am going to make me one for lunch too!  Who needs savory - I've got fruit!

In the bento:  Lots of peach slices, blackberries, raspberries, kiwi, and golden kiwi hidden in the far back.

It's a bit embarrassing to admit that I was positively giddy over the fact that I got to use my new Bento & Co. box today!  The kitty on the lid is soooo cute.  Ostensibly this one is mine...but I don't mind sharing it with A-chan.  I'm very happy with the box.  The slim lines and elegant no-nonsense styling make it a perfect frame for yumminess.


OhayoBento said...

The fruit looks positively scrumptious! I love the new box!!

Natakiya said...

Thanks, Heather! It was yummy :) The new box is so cute - I'm totally glad that I got it.