Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Three kittens

 Three little kittens said, "Meow?" in cute little voices which knocked their little whiskers all askew.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  :)

Notice all the strange looking, weirdly shaped carrot pieces in the fried rice?  Well, maybe you can't.  But they are very obvious to me because I know that they are there, lol.  That is what I do with all the oddly shaped leftover pieces from the decorative carrot cutouts.  All the flowers, hearts, letters, etc. leave a heck of a lot of pieces that get scooped into a container and stored in the freezer to use in things like fried rice.  That way I don't have to chop up a lot of veggies for my fried rice, all the work is already done!

In the bento: Veggie fried rice with scrambled tofu, green peas, carrots and baby corn.  On the side are several orange wedges, some Persian cucumber slices, baby corn spears, apple plum slices, a frozen cherry and a strawberry.

The kitten faces are made from Provolone cheese and soy turkey.  The details are nori eyes, mouth and stripes.  The whiskers are made from somen noodles.

I don't often post my bentos but I've decided to try and do that more often.  Mine are usually not as cute as A-chan's and are generally very bland to the eye in comparison :)  This one was actually my dinner last night.

In my bento: Sushi rice covered with scrambled tofu, sriracha, two orange slices, three persian cucumber slices, a Mac and Cheese ball (from Trader Joe's) and a cheese flower.

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