Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sweet Koala

A-chan was reminding me this past week that it's been a while since I've made a koala bento.  I guessed that meant she'd like to have one sometime soon and happily obliged.  She gets off early from school today and I'm hoping that the sunshine sticks around so that we can go walking in the botanical gardens.  Since we'll be 2 hours earlier than normal we can do one of the long forest trails, yay!

In the bento:  Miniature pancakes, grapes, steamed broccoli, apple bunny, baby corn spears, a container of colby jack shredded cheese, and 3 Morningstar Farms Bacon slices cut to fit in the box.

The Koala's face was punched from nori and 'glued' onto the pancake with cake icing.  More of the strawberry flavored icing was painted on to make the cheeks.  The furry part of the ears was cut from provolone cheese.  The little flowers are all cut from carrot with sugar dots for centers.

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Ming@Bentomonsters said...

So creative to make a koala out of pancakes. Very cute one too. :)