Monday, October 18, 2010

Four Friends

Another older school bento. I'm getting closer to being caught up though!

Top tier: Four fried tofu bites, black olives, carrot flowers, frozen peaches, red soy sauce piggie.

Bottom tier: Container of mac'n'cheese spirals with a black olive on top, four dice shaped onigiri with funny nori faces and frozen grapes in between.

This is one of the very few bentos where the soy sauce bottle is actually inside the bento. And it makes me realize that the two bento accessories that I use the most are usually never photographed with the bentos. Of all the cute and pretty accessories, which I love dearly, the ones that I find most useful are the ever-practical soy sauce bottle and ketchup container. They accompany almost every bento that I make, but they are always an afterthought and never part of the bento designing.

After the bento is made I look at it and decide what kind of sauce needs to go with it. Then I fill up the container (or grab an already full one out of the fridge), seal it in a ziploc bag and put it in the bento bag along with the napkin. The ziploc bag is usually the same one for a loooong time since it never gets any food on it. I'm just paranoid that one day the ketchup container will open up by itself and smear ketchup on everything. So far it's never happened, but I still put it in the bag.


OhayoBento said...

A few of the soy sauce bottle I tried leaked :( I like the fish shaped ones though, so far they haven't let me down. I love the faces you've made, they give the bento a lot of character!

The tofu bite sound fantastic! How do you make them?

Natakiya said...

What kind of soy sauce bottles have you tried? I'm sorry that they leaked. We've never had a bottle leak so far. I like the piggy bottles from Jbox. They hold a lot which is good cause A-chan loves soy sauce.

The tofu bites are just cubes of extra firm tofu covered with batter and rolled in panko, then deep fried. I like to make larger pieces for myself and smaller ones for A-chan :) They are really yummy with tonkatsu or korean bbq sauce slathered on top!