Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Simple Sammie Bento

Another school bento, six weeks ago...

This was one of those mornings that needed a simple bento. Mainly because we were coming up on my crunch time - 2 conventions, 3 festivals, a farmer's market and my dance students' recital in a period of 6 weeks. I was panicking so much about everything else that I absolutely had no time to be very creative.

I enjoy it immensely when circumstances force me to come up with new solutions and offer challenges. In this case A-chan attends a Montessori school and they request that very little sweet or sugary items be included in lunches. Most of the time I absolutely agree, she usually only get sugar of any type on holidays...but I wanted to do quick and easy PBJ sammies! Cause they are quick. And easy, see? Ahh, so what to do?

Taking some empty cones that I would normally fill with henna paste, instead I filled one with strawberry jam and the other with blue sugar sprinkles. I assembled the sandwiches with only PB on the inside and the hearts already cut out. Then using the cones applied jam or sprinkles inside the heart shapes. Much less sugar than if I had spread it on the whole sandwich, yay!

There were also 2 Morningstar Farms Chik nuggets, 2 picks full of green peas, 1 carrot butterfly, a baby tomato, 2 pieces of frozen mango.