Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hotel bentos

These three bentos were made for our Saturday lunches at AWA. I had taken some of my bento boxes and accessories with us but not a whole lot. They are kind of simple, but we enjoyed them greatly! It is usually pretty hard to find vegetarian food when we're at conventions and much better to bring our own instead.

The top bento was for A-chan: Two cute rice balls with nori faces and one with a carrot bow, steamed broccoli, soba noodles, a cherry tomato and an orange wedge.

The middle bento was for my husband: Two larger rice balls with nori faces, an orange wedge, dango!, steamed broccoli and a carrot heart. The other tier contained soba noodles with a cherry tomato.
The last is my bento: I was going for more of an elegant adult feel with mine :) Two rice balls, an orange wedge, soba noodles with cherry tomato flower, steamed broccoli and dango!
I don't think I've mentioned my growing love for dango on this blog yet. My entire state probably knows, certainly everyone at AWA knows. I LOVE dango. Finding dango at SuperH was a fantastic treat. And the sauce even tastes yummy on rice balls, broccoli and soba noodles!

Dango are the (usually) 3 little balls on a stick with a brown sauce that are in a lot of anime and manga. They are sometimes colored and each ball will be a different color, they are made from rice flour and are somewhat chewy. The ones that I am in love with are the ones with the sweet soy sauce glaze. Yum! My daughter won't eat them but that just means more for me!


charsiubau (Bento-Mania) said...

My family loves dango! Mochi and all these sweet chewy Japanese treats!

Lunch Buckets said...


Sorry, it just looked like it would be fun to type.

OhayoBento said...

All three of them look delicious! I've never had dango before, I'll keep my eyes out for it now though :)

Natakiya said...

My family does too, charsiubau! For her second and third birthdays my daughter asked for mochi instead of birthday cake. Now she asks for both :)

So funny, Lunch Buckets!! :D It's also fun to sing...

Thank you, OhayoBento! Definitely try it. My husband thinks it takes some getting used to, but he loves them now too.