Thursday, October 14, 2010

Picture day

Yesterday was picture day at a-chan's school. So to help lessen the stress of the day on both of us and try to make it more fun I made a picture day bento. The cute little girl in her best dress on one side with the flash from the camera on the other.

I don't like school picture day. No, that's too tame. I loathe school picture day. It's so stressful for both me and A-chan. Getting her dressed perfectly (which didn't happen because there was black ink mysteriously on her pink tights so we had a last minute frantic search for tights that matched her dress but ended up having to go with purple ones), fixing her hair perfectly (which takes way too much time on my part and patience on hers), remembering to fill out the form and make sure that she takes it with her (filled out at the last minute in the school parking lot and I still don't know if she gave it to the right person or not), and all the other finicky details just get us into an old fashioned tizzy!

A-chan got all worried because she was supposed to have playtime in the playground before the pictures were to be taken and what if she forgot and played in the sandbox with her pretty dress on? We ended up with a solution of just say no to sand for that day. It seemed to work, she wasn't smeared with sand of red clay dirt when I picked her up in the afternoon. I wish that the parents were allowed to be with the kids while the pictures are taken. Then we could keep them calm, clean and collected. And afterward we could change them into good old play clothes and take the fancy stuff back with us. I can probably think of twenty reasons why that wouldn't really work, but it's a nice thought to end my tirade :)

In the bento:

Left side: 2 Morningstar farms chik nuggets, black olives, 1 spear of baby corn, fresh parsley and Apollo choco candies. The girl has a dress out of veggie pepperoni with a belt of cucumber peel, an arm and face from soy bologna, hair of white cheddar. The dress matches what A-chan wore and she had one ponytail on the side.

Right side: Couscous with soy bologna, white cheddar and veggie pepperoni stars, plus carrot letters.

We got a kick out of saying that she had eaten 'cheese' for lunch because she ate all the carrot letters but refused to eat the cheese star!

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