Monday, October 11, 2010

Pasta Salad Bento

Another bento from the beginning of school...

This one was a bust. A-chan ate everything in the lower tier but only picked at the items in the upper tier. One of the interesting things that I am learning with the whole school bento thing is what she won't eat when I'm not there. Some of the things that I have put in bentos for her for years now she suddenly won't eat in school bentos. It's a great learning process and it's funny to me how much of a sense of achievement I get when she comes home with a totally empty bento!

Top tier: Bowtie pasta with halved baby tomatoes, black olives and feta, heart container full of peas. (She picked out all the feta and black olives and didn't touch the rest.)

Bottom tier: 2 miniature bridies - one with a smiley face and one with hearts, tater tots - one with a seal pick, container with frozen peaches.

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