Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Airplane Bento

The airplane bento was actually yesterday's lunch but I am running a little bit behind this week. The main design of the plane came from a Hello Kitty bento book and then I altered it just a little. I chose the wrong material for the propellers - they can just barely be seen, lol. On the side are my new fav food of the year: hoddeok (Korean sweet pancakes).

In the bento: Fried rice with peas, carrots and baby corn underneath a cheese and soy turkey airplane, morningstar farms Chik nuggets, steamed broccoli, a large wedge of tomato, frozen blueberries and provolone cheese clouds.

The main body of the airplane is cheddar cheese while the white parts are provolone cheese and the brown details are soy turkey. I didn't have any cutters that seemed to fit the shapes so I drew it out on paper and cut the cheese with scissors. I love any excuse to use my letter cutters so I stuck in the word 'fly' just because :) The clouds were made with a cloud shaped cutter.

Okay, so hoddeok are these absolutely wonderful, amazingly delish pancakes that are a yeast dough with a brown sugar syrup inside. I had picked up an instant package for making sweet korean pancakes at Super H mart a while back, just on a whim. This past Sunday I finally got a chance to make them and was blown away. These things are fantastic! They are the perfect pancake for me - a person who doesn't like american style pancakes. I can't make flapjacks to save my life, but the hoddeok were easy and I didn't burn a single one :)

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sheri fujihara chen said...

Wonderful! Looks cute and delish :)