Friday, March 4, 2011

Doggie Faces

So sleepy. OMG sleepy! Happy late Hinamatsuri, everyone! Yesterday was my husband's birthday so we took the day off to celebrate. A-chan had originally wanted a Girl's Day bento with a purple kimono with white polkadots on it. She then changed her mind when she didn't go to school. I was all excited about making a Hinamatsuri bento, too, darn it! I might make it next week :)

But today I was so completely sleepy when I got up that I had to scramble to make a bento happen. My brain was mush. It finally came together but I took horrible photos with lots of shadows. Bah. I blame it on the incredibly huge amounts of sugar I consumed yesterday. My husband's experimental birthday cake was fun to make but had loads of calories and sugar, lol.

In the bento: The tier on the left holds two cheese and mayo sammies with cute doggie faces and a lot of raspberries. The tier on the right has a container of couscous with a carrot flower, a spear of baby corn, quick cucumber pickles, chickpeas and black olives.

The doggie faces are made with soy turkey, the ears were cut from soy ham, the faces are provolone and nori with sriracha cheeks. After seeing the picture I think that the sriracha cheeks are a little too strong and that perhaps I should have gone with gari instead?


Cooking Gallery said...

How cute...! I also just made a dog themed bento :)!

Natakiya said...

Thanks, Cooking Gallery!! I'll go take a look at your dog bento right now :D