Friday, March 25, 2011

Heart Pancakes

The crazy busy week is finally winding down. Perhaps I can regain my sanity with a few days of normality next week. In any case, it's been tons of fun dancing every day with some of my favorite people and it all comes down to today's performance. I am so proud of my students! They only had 5 days to learn a choreography and they did it! We're going to have so much fun and tonight we're going out on the town to celebrate, yes indeed :D

Today's bento is pretty simple but I was in need of some simplicity this morning! On the side you can see some of the very lovely seashells that A-chan found at the beach last week.

In the bento: Little heart pancakes on top of larger provolone hearts with more pancakes behind, two Morningstar Farms bacon pieces rolled up into interesting shapes, two heart picks with green peas, one beautiful baby tomato, some nectarine slices and a small handful of grapes on the side.

The little heart pancakes were cut out of miniature pancakes with a heart shaped cookie cutter, alas I do not have the talent to make heart shaped pancakes from scratch :) The muffin cup full of grapes was wrapped up in cling wrap and a heart ribbon was tied around the top to make a cute side-car. Not shown was a small container of strawberry icing for the pancakes, as always!

The Bento4Japan auctions are still going strong! Those incredible ladies are working hard to help Japan, please show your support. Look at all the great items - you know you want some!


Lia Chen said...

Great students because they have a great teacher. Lovely heart pancakes! Beautiful presented bento! Wish you and your family a great weekend :)

Natakiya said...

Awww, thank you, Lia!!! You are so sweet :) I hope that you and your family had a good weekend too.