Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pierogies and Sunshine

Here is a quick and easy bento with just a teensy bit of cuteness! The smiling sun baran was a very quick way to add some kawaii. A-chan is a fan of Ni Hao Kai Lan so I added in some quick 'sun fuzzies' to brighten up her day. The thing that took the longest in this bento was cooking the pierogies. They need a double technique - first the boiling and then the shallow frying in butter, yum! I think that I might be getting better at making hot dog flowers, these three don't seem as bad as my usual :)

In the bento: Potato and cheese pierogies, smartdog veggie dog flowers with green pea centers, cara cara orange wedges, strawberries and provolone cheese 'sun fuzzies'. Hidden underneath the fruit are more veggie hot dogs that were sliced to make a nice bottom layer for the bento.

I experimented a little bit and used some purple cabbage as a decorative edging around the pierogies. The color didn't come out as well in the photo...it looked much more vibrant and purple in real life.

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megan said...

i LOVE pierogies and veggie dogs, what a great combo. and i also love when a simple bento is magically transformed into something kawaii with an easy touch like a baran. well done! :0)