Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weird Tomato Bento

The only plan I had in mind for today's bento was using one of the gorgeous vine-ripe tomatoes that were just begging to be eaten. Beyond that was just a vague idea of sticking eyes on it to make it cute. I think A-chan and I are in agreement when describing the final product as 'weird', lol. I asked if she wanted me to remove the face, but she said that she liked it okay even though it looked weird. Making cups out of veggies and fruits is fun and I particularly love to do that with lemons and limes which seem a little easier to work with than tomatoes. I think that this tomato looked even better without the face, though. The picture below was taken before the face was added for comparison.

In the bento: A lovely tomato cup with spaghetti noodles twirled up inside, a pikachu pick with pickle slices, Morningstar Farms chik nuggets, waffle fries, steamed broccoli and cauliflower are in the main tier. The second tier holds more tangelo slices, nectarine slices, a tiny little wrapped cake and some frozen blueberries. Not shown are a container of grated parmesan cheese for the noodles and a container of ketchup.

The tomato face was made with provolone cheese and nori, then 'glued' onto the tomato with a tiny bit of mayo.


sheri fujihara chen said...

I love the stuffed tomato idea, and the face is cute!

Journal Mommy Yenny said... does not look weird but creative to me

Cooking Gallery said...

I love your tomato idea! It looks adorable :)!

OhayoBento said...

I laughed out loud when I saw your tomato!! I think he's awesome!