Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall is here!

  The leaves on the Japanese maple tree outside A-chan's window started to turn colors this week so it is officially fall! I love fall.  It is absolutely my favorite time of year. Yesterday I got to wear my candycorn earrings and bought my first bag of candycorn for the fall season.  That made me so happy!  It's really hard to find vegetarian candycorn around here so when I do find it I buy lots!  Soon it will be time for pumpkins and costumes and sweaters.  Here are two fall inspired bentos.  The top one is from last week and the bottom is from this week.

In the top bento: A small bowl of chickpeas, baby tomatoes and feta, steamed broccoli, grapes on heart picks, apple slices, two carrot maple leaves and two potato and onion pierogies.  In the background is a candle that A-chan made at school.  I just love her school - they do such neat creative projects!  I want to join in :)

In the bento: Two inari zushi with homemade furikake sprinkled on top, steamed broccoli, baby tomatoes, tiny clementine slices and a momiji cake with sweet red bean paste inside.  Two pokemon picks help to liven it up a little.

The momiji cake was left over from our trip to AWA and it looked so pretty that I just had to use it in her bento!  The furikake is a mixture of dried and crushed tarragon leaves, toasted sesame seeds and sea salt.

Happy Fall Everyone!


Jelly said...

Hi, Natakiya! I just got some new bento stuff in the mail from Bento&Co (and it's wonderful), but my friend wants to stage a bento-intervention. Is he too early? Should I worry for my bento preciousness?
(the kicker is - his wife is Japanese and makes wonderful bento!)

Natakiya said...

I'm totally happy that you got bento stuff from Bento&Co, I love everything they have! Sounds like your friend knows how addicting bento accessories can be. He should wait until you try throwing out your microwave to have room in the kitchen for more bento stuff. That's definitely the point to have an intervention, lol.