Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It was a dark October night

I'm not sure why but bats were requested for today's bento.  Without much thought I readily agreed.  Now I know better.  Cutting bats out of nori is very hard!  Much, much harder than I expected so they came out a little wonky.  Okay, perhaps it would have been better if I'd made larger bats or used better scissors.  I must say that I absolutely love the tree!

In the bento:  Couscous, cheese and nori trees and bats, apple bunny, lemon wedge, pink pig container filled with green peas, steamed sugar snap peas, carrot flowers.  There are more apple pieces hidden underneath the bunny.

I first drew a pattern for the tree and bats on paper then cut them out of nori using the paper as a guide.  With the nori on the cheese, I cut a larger shape from the provolone.  One bat has eyes of sesame seeds and the other has bits of cheese.


sheri fujihara chen said...

Love your festive batty scene! So artistic!

AikoVenus said...

So cute! I was going to make a bat and witch bento for today with some cookie cutters. I'm scared to get to the nori part at the moment. ^^;

Natakiya said...

The tree was fun to make but the bats were very frustrating, lol. Thank you for the bento love, Sheri!

Natakiya said...

Thanks Bou Shin! Awww, don't be scared. It's not that bad, really! Cutting nori is a lot easier with good scissors and I couldn't find mine.