Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tiny Bunny Faces

Taking a short vacation from Halloween, today we have tiny bitty bunnies!  There are two things wrong with this picture - any guesses?  Yep, that's right.  No fruit.  Ack, how did that happen?  Well, it is all because of the trip we took this past weekend where I thought it would be easy to stop for some groceries on the way home from Alabama.  Raise your hand if you know what didn't happen : D   So we totally ran out of fruit.  It's a horrible tragedy that I have cleverly hidden by my use of the red plaid food pick.  Stare at the red plaid circle.  It will fool your brain into believing that there is fruit in this bento.  Stare, I say!

In the bento: Rice with vegetarian Japanese curry on top, a container of corn kernals, tater tots, steamed broccoli and invisible grapes on the red plaid food pick.

The cute bunny faces were made from provolone cheese with nori, soy turkey and sriracha details.  The little flowers are provolone cheese with sugar dot centers and tiny bits of broccoli for leaves.  In the side container was ketchup for the tater tots.

I do really try to keep fresh fruit on hand at all times.  We may not eat it for every meal, but we sure try!  The ability to easily pack all kinds of fruit and not have it get all squished is one my favorite reasons for using bento boxes!


Lia Chen said...

Don't worry! This is still a beautiful bento. My kids don't like to have fruits in their bento because their fruity time is usually after school at home.

OhayoBento said...

It just feels wrong to not have fruit in a bento doesn't it? Even without fruit it looks delicious, I can almost smell the curry from here!

Natakiya said...

Thank you, Lia! It would be easier to eat fruit at home after school, I think - a perfect afternoon snack :) When A-chan was first born I promised that I would always have fresh fruit for every meal so I feel like I'm failing when it doesn't happen, lol.

Natakiya said...

Yep, it really does - for me at least :) Thank you, Heather!!