Friday, October 21, 2011

A Sweet Surprise

Today is Pizza Friday at school so A-chan took a fruit bento to have alongside it.  The strawberries are completely luscious.  I had a hard time not snacking on all of them while I was packing her bento this morning.  There isn't much color variation in this one - I hadn't realized all the fruits were red/yellow until I got them all out this morning.  However, there are a ton of differing flavors in this box which makes up for the homogeneity of color!

In the bento: Apple bunnies, a lemon slice, strawberries, black plum slices, nectarine chunks, provolone cheese flowers and a surprise in the chick container.

A-chan didn't get to see what's inside the chick, but I'll go ahead and tell - it's candycorn!  Only a few would fit into this tiny and very cute container.  A few is all that she needs, though.  It's rare that we have sugary things in the house, though October is an exception.  Not only is it the month of candycorn (I've mentioned my candycorn obsession before, right?) but it's also A-chan's birthday month and she is having three different birthday parties.  Oh yeah, there's that little Halloween thing too, lol.  Let the sugar festivities begin!

On a side note today's post is my 375th!  Wow!  Luckily Blogger keeps the count or I'd have no idea.  Surely I need to do something when I hit 400.  What kind of thing should I do to celebrate?


AikoVenus said...

I love making fruit/dessert bentos, it brings out the (even girlier) girly side of me. ^^ I'm not sure what you could do for your 400th blog post, but I'm sure you'll have a fantastic activity for it!

Keysha said...

Nice! Which model bento box is that?

Natakiya said...

Thanks, Bou Shin! I love making the fruit bentos much more than I thought I would.

Natakiya said...

Hi Keysha! Thanks :) This bento box is one that I picked up in Japantown San Jose at this fantastic shop with tons of traditional style bentos.