Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bunny Faces

Yesterday was an incredibly beautiful spring day. It was so warm and lovely that I took A-chan to the Botanical Gardens after school. We had a great time walking around and seeing all the potential that was waiting patiently for spring to get going. There was actually one flowering bush already - a chinese camellia. While we were walking A-chan casually said, "I wonder what will be in my bento tomorrow. Maybe a rabbit?" So of course I had to do a rabbit. But I wanted to use my tiny little bunny face cutter which was really small - two seemed to fill the space much better :) The bunny faces actually look more like bear faces to me, oh well.

This was also our first time trying dragonfruit! I wasn't sure how to cut it or prepare it so I had to spend some time googling it this morning, lol. It's yummy! I love it. Here's hoping A-chan will too.

In the bento: The left side has garlic couscous with bunny faces, carrot and apple peel flowers which had snow pea leaves. On the other side has morrocan style tofu and chickpeas, a baby tomato, carrot, some steamed broccoli and a container filled with dragonfruit and blueberries.

The bunny faces were cut out of provolone and soy ham. They have nori eyes, black sesame seed noses and sriracha cheeks.

I love the dark green of the kale leaf in the back! It makes a nice contrasting green with the broccoli. It would be wonderful to plant some but I'm not sure if the deer would eat it or not. They have come up on our front porch to eat our flowers before so that makes me wary.


sheri fujihara chen said...

It's pretty! You got lots of colors in there :)

Natakiya said...

Thank you Sheri! I need to find some new sources for different colors, I keep using the same ingredients.