Friday, February 11, 2011

Tofu cutlet bento

I decided that I wanted to share my bento from today as well as A-chan's :) Mine had pretty much the same contents without all the cuteness. The main differences are the fried tofu cutlets which are large rounds instead of small nuggets, and the addition of some gari and snow peas. I also had a small wedge of grapefruit.

To make the tofu cutlets was very simple! I cut slabs of tofu off the main block and pressed them on papertowels to get the extra moisture out. Next I took my medium sized biscuit cutter and cut the rounds out of the slabs. The strange shapes that were left over were then reserved for use in other recipes. The rounds were then slathered in batter, rolled in panko and shallow fried.

There are thin strips of egg sheet in the back behind the tofu cutlets. Yay, egg sheets! The divider between the rice and the rest of the bento is an uncooked eggroll wrapper that I cut to the right size. Then I used decorative edging scissors to make the top edge all fancy.

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