Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Diamond Pattern of Love

I am so horribly bad at making up titles for my bento posts. Le sigh. Today's bento once again saved me from having a cranky child, once she saw the bento she was all smiles. I love that! And it was surprising too, because this bento isn't very cute. I wasn't expecting much out of her reaction this morning. This design has been in my head since the end of last week. The only thing is that in the picture in my head the hearts were much smaller, lol. But this was the smallest heart cutter that I have! Does anybody have recommendations for a tiny heart cutter?

In the bento: Jasmine rice with nori diamond pattern, green peas and carrot hearts on one side. The other side holds 3 humongous blackberries, steamed broccoli, golden tofu, lemon wedges, a baby tomato with a purple jewel pick and a couple of snow peas.

Golden tofu is just tofu pieces that have been cooked with a little bit of sesame oil. That's it. And that makes them all nice and golden and just a tiny bit crisp, perfect for any kind of sauce!


Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

I think it's super cute! That pattern is fun :D And I think you did a good job with your title too :D Sometimes I blank with titles too.....I sit there thinking "Uh....bento?" lol

Lia Chen said...

Lovely! I like the pattern that you create for your daughter's bento. The color so refreshing! If you can find cutter for fondant cut out. They have the tiny one for flower and heart shapes :)

Basic Bento said...

I have this cutter set: and the heart is nice and tiny, maybe the size of two peas.

Natakiya said...

Thank you so much, guys!!! I appreciate all your kind and wonderful comments! I wish that I had time to respond to them individually, but I have to run to my Taekwondo lesson now, ack!