Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Card

Yesterday was another sick day for A-chan. Whew. I keep thinking her asthma is all better and sending her to school and then the next day she's coughing like crazy again. She didn't cough at all last night so here's hoping her day goes well at school! On the bright side, I did a lot of food experiments yesterday with A-chan and we found several new things that she likes!

In the bento: 3 pieces of fried tofu, Valentine's card of provolone, egg sheets and nori, halved baby tomatoes, 2 onigiri with homemade furikake and nori hearts, 3 slices of plum, 2 blackberries, a carrot heart and a pink egg sheet heart. There are more pieces of carrot hidden underneath the card :)

In the background is a little bowl with my new homemade furikake experiment from yesterday. I've tried some different types of store bought furikake and not been happy with them, so I thought I would try making my own. I am starting out very simply with toasted sesame seeds, dried and crushed tarragon and a little bit of sea salt. I loved it! Plus, A-chan loved it too. She insisted that I put some in her bento today. Who knew?

My first try at making egg sheets was a resounding success. (Where resounding success = not burning anything, lol) I followed the tutorial here at Bentolicious. It was a surprise to me that they weren't as intimidating to make as I'd always thought! I made yellow, orange and pink! It's hard to tell that it's pink in the picture, though. I learned that gel food coloring doesn't mix well with the egg, but I really was pleased with how they turned out.


sheri fujihara chen said...

Excellent job with the egg sheets; they look great! Very cute bento :)

Lia Chen said...

Sweet Valentine bento! Glad to see those egg sheets. They are not difficult to make right? Homemade furikake sounds great! You have to teach us how to do it :)

Natakiya said...

Thanks so much, Sheri! I am very pleased with how the egg sheets came out. I wish that I could get a more consistent color, though.

Natakiya said...

Thank you, Lia!! I really enjoyed making the egg sheets, thank you for the tips :) They were not difficult at all, I was silly to be scared of them for so long!