Friday, January 20, 2012

A Lion of a Pancake

In the jungle even a pancake can roar.  If it were so inclined.  I'm thinking that this cute little guy wouldn't roar, though.  He might just run around saying 'nyan' all day.  Continuing with this week's interesting bento moments - I learned this morning that an upside down heart shape at the end of a tail does not make a shape that is recommended for a child's bento.  Luckily I realized that in time to replace it with a flower shape. I'm sure you guys could work that out for yourselves, but I'm in the sharing mood.

In the bento: Grapes with two cute lion picks, flowered carrot sticks, veggie sausage links, nectarine chunks, and miniature pancakes.

Mr. Lion was made using the two cutting tools at the top left. I cut his mane, muzzle and tail fluff out of provolone cheese.  And of course the other facial features were punched from nori.  Since the pancakes were going to be eaten with icing, I decided to 'glue' on the face without using mayo which I thought might spoil the taste.  Instead I painted each piece of cheese and nori with a tiny bit of strawberry jelly using the sharp end of a toothpick.


berrygirl said...

Just Purrr-fect!! Cutest lion ever and the layout is ...well perfect!

rosewhiterabbit said...

What an adorable lion! Love it!

OhayoBento said...

You made me Lol! Good thing you saw and removed the offending heart, lol!! He's an adorable lion. Rawr.... I mean nyan!