Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Experimental Scariness

Tonight's dinner was one of those 'do over' moments. I should have just quit when I found out that the green beans were rotten. (i'd let them sit for too long, darn it!) But no, I forged ahead. Even when I realized that I had no flour. I just went ahead and scraped things together, lol.

Sweet and Sour cauliflower: boiled cauliflower battered in a mixture of silken tofu, water, bread crumbs and rice farina then deep fried. Sweet and sour sauce mixed with water, huge amounts of sugar & soy sauce. Interesting...it grew in flavor as it was eaten. The batter turned out nice and crunchy.

Marinated Tofu: was originally going to be part of the sweet and sour dish but I didn't have enough batter or sauce. Marinated with onion slices in soy sauce, classic stir fry sauce and teriyaki sauce mixture then sauteed. Yummy!

Noodle Thing: Tomorrow is grocery day so I was limited in what I had to work with in order to replace the sesame green beans that we were going to have. Spaghetti noodles, onion slices & carrot slices pan fried in sesame oil, soy sauce and eggless omelette mixture (silken tofu, water, bread crumbs, spices). Edible.

I don't think my kitchen will recover quickly. Just about every clean dish I had was used in the making of this experiment. :)

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