Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Temple and monk

A growing collection of film cannisters was invading my kitchen workspace so I finally decided to get some of them developed. I was amazed to find 2 rolls of film from our Thailand trip (in Feb!) that hadn't been remembered. After looking at them I obviously got inspired/crazy at lunchtime...

Temple of veg hotdogs with ketchup walls & pickle steps.

Pickle palm trees and grape "coconuts", mac 'n' cheese beach.

Monk of babybel cheese cut interestingly, robes of Lay's cheese & sourcream potato chips.

Elephant container hides leftover cheese bits from the monk, potato chip body and veg hotdog tail.

A-chan really enjoyed this one! She quickly ate up the beach, trees and steps but didn't want to "break the house" so I had to give her bites of the hotdog :) The elephant was very much a hit.

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