Sunday, December 17, 2006

Picnic Bentos

We were planning to go visit friends in South Carolina today but they had to cancel at the last minute. So we decided to go to the Botanical Gardens for a picnic instead. I already had the Forfar Bridies made up and in the freezer, it just took 15 minutes to cook them. Mine are vegetarian renditions of the old scottish favorite, with Morningstar Farms crumbles in place of beef. They are a family favorite, even A-chan eats them without balking! Luckily she doesn't like the HP sauce so there was more for me who can't get enough of the stuff.

The adult bridies were cut to look like kitty faces but they didn't come out quite right. They also didn't really fit into the bentos and had to have corners pinched off to get the tops on. I love how A-chan's smiley face bridies ended up, so cute!
We also had tomato parmesan pasta, blueberries and strawberries, grape tomatoes & green bell pepper garnishes.

Forfar Bridies? What? They are old scottish pastry meat pies typically made in half-moon shapes. The ingredients are beef, onions, beef broth and ground mustard. My version has soy crumbles, onions, mushroom broth, garlic and ground mustard.

HP sauce?Huh? It is a fantastic sauce a little bit like A-1 but much thicker and richer. It has dates and tamarind in it and anything with tamarind in is yummy! I don't know what most people eat it with...bridies and HP sauce are forever married in my mind. I fell in love with the combination at Scottish Highland Games as a kid and now it's quite stuck that way :)

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