Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Gyoza accepted! (LCE #15)

Grapes and blueberries, 2 piles of Maruchan Teriyaki Yakisoba, corn in star container, 2 miniature veggie Gyoza, 2 triangle onigiri with carrot slices on top, 1 star onigiri with Mrs. Dash 'Furikake'.

The results of my first try at making gyoza were yummy! Even A-chan liked them which is about as amazing as it can get. A million thanks to where I found the 'making gyoza tutorial' which gave me the courage to try it! It was much easier than I was expecting to do the pleats. I made a batch of regular ones for myself and my husband, then a batch of miniatures for A-chan. They were frozen and then cooked as per Cookingcute's instructions straight from the freezer. I used a few different ingredients than she had in her recipe so I was a bit nervous before the first bite, but we all agreed that they were delish!

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