Sunday, December 10, 2006

Fried Rice Experiment Bentos

Game night Bentos!
Not eating eggs (in an overt form) has cut quite a few old favorite recipes out of my repetoire, so I've been lately working on making reasonable substitutes. Of course they are reasonable subs if you keep in mind that we've been vegetarian for nigh on ten years now and can't remember how real eggs taste. :) I have conquered the eggless omelette version 1 and decided last night to expand that into fried rice which we haven't had in gah! so many years. It came out pretty darn tasty! Even my husband liked it and he wasn't a fan of fried rice to begin with. I paired it up with Maruchan's instant Teriyaki Yakisoba for an easy to prepare meal during a gaming night. (What better time to experiment with food that may or may not come out edible than when you've been pigging out on cakes, donuts, chips and chocolates all day?)
Egz for Fried Rice version 1.0
1/2 pkg silken tofu
1/4 cup cold water
1 dash turmeric
1 dash garlic
1 dash ginger
1 dash parsley
4 TB all purpose flour
some oil
  1. Beat silken tofu with a fork in a bowl, add water and spices.
  2. Mix in flour bit by bit.
  3. Heat a some oil in a hot pan and pour in half of the mixture. Let sit to cook for several minutes, checking for browning/burning on the bottom. (be careful with utensils getting stuff stuck to them, it's very clingy until fully cooked.)
  4. Put in the rice and veg and stir all together. Cook fried rice as usual. (the tofu mixture seemed to be absorbed into the rice a lot, you couldn't see it in there as an individual ingredient at all.)
  5. When rice is done take it out and let is cool for a moment while cooking the rest of the Tofu mixture.
  6. Heat a goodly amount of oil in the pan then pour in the other half of the mix. Spread into a thin layer. (It was easy to get holes in the layer, but I didn't think it mattered since it was going to be mixed with the rice.) Let it "fry" until it seems a solid mass and can be turned. Turn and cook until getting a bit brown.
  7. Remove from pan and tear or chop into bits, add bits to rice.

Note: My fried rice has peas, onions, carrots, & tons of soy sauce in it. Any other ideas for veggies to put into fried rice?

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