Friday, December 22, 2006

Pancha Ganapati sweets

The diamond shaped sweets are an Indian dessert called Shagarpare. I had never tried them before or even heard of them but the recipe was in the "1000 Indian recipes" book and I wanted to try something new. I have absolutely no idea if they came out anything like what they are supposed to be, but the did come out very yummy! They are a bit like someone used a steamroller to flatten out donuts. The dough is rolled and cut to shape then deep fried after which the pieces are rolled in sugar syrup and left to cool. I went a step further with my experiment and put some food coloring in the syrup which looks a little wierd in the finished product but makes it look a lot more interesting on the plate :)

On the right is a plate of Sesame snaps, one of my all time favorite candies. It reminds me a bit of peanut brittle. Again the original recipe came out of the "1000 indian recipes" book but I modified it just a tad by lessening the amount of sesame seeds to sugar ratio. I love the taste of more sesame seeds, but it's much harder to cut the snaps when they are thicker with the sesame seeds.

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