Thursday, December 7, 2006

Lunches again

Yay! The fishy did it :) My daughter actually ate the whole sandwich. (In pieces, bit by bit, but all of it) Soy turkey and cheese fishy, green pea bubbles. Apple underwater plant thingies. Mac 'n' cheese.

Soy turkey, cheese and bread roll with little green pick. (wow, that got eaten too!) Green animal picks with 2 black olives each.

Green peas on the side were distributed into the mac n cheese and then back out again. Total eaten: zero.

Silly face inspired by the remarkable pickle that was just perfect for a smiling mouth. Spaghetti noodle hair & cheese slices for eyes. Small piles of grated parmesan for cheeks, tiny bit of veg pepperoni for a nose. Accompanied by blueberries, tomato soup and more pickles.

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